About Hunter Reynolds

HUNTER REYNOLDS is a dharma poet, astrologer and musician. He was born in Chicago and raised in an intentional community based on the teachings of 17th century mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg. He has since been deeply influenced by Advaita, Buddhism, and the non-dual teachings of Adyashanti.

hunter reynoldsIn his work as a professional astrologer, Hunter weaves non-dual wisdom with the body/mind insights of astrology, creating a unique form of counseling called “Astrodharma” in which the astrological archetypes are understood as styles of awakening. You can learn more about his astrology work at www.astrodharma.org.

Hunter travels widely, speaking with clients from all over the world. He welcomes your feedback and comments about the work in his book and also on this site, where he continues to share new dharma prayers and inspirations as they come.

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